About Us

Mission Statement:

Contribute to a healthy and vital Santa Fe community by providing free, in-home care and support to any Santa Fe family with a newborn.


In today’s fast-paced world where families are geographically dispersed or working, families often do not get the help they need.

When a family calls, we match one of our skilled volunteers to their needs. The mother may need help with simple things like grocery shopping, reading a story to a sibling or rocking the baby so she can take a shower or rest. She may also just need a little company.

Many Mothers knows how exhausted and overwhelmed mothers and families can feel after the birth of a baby. We honor the work it takes to bring a child into this world and we nurture the one who did it. The more a mother feels cared for, the more able she is to care for her baby.

“Nearly all of us receive our first lessons in peaceful living from our mothers.”

HH The Dalai Lama

Did you know that:

  • Many Mothers has served over 593 moms, 652 newborns (43 sets of twins, 2 sets of triplets and 2 older adopted children) and over 270 siblings in the 18 years we have served the Santa Fe community.
  • Our families are Anglo, Latino, Native American, Asian, and African American.
  • In the last year 28% of our moms were single, raising their children alone.
  • 50% of our families have annual incomes below $30,000
  • The “Many Mothers Circle” is a free monthly gathering for moms to learn from educational presentations and to network for peer support and self empowerment.
  • Many Mothers’ support empowers new mothers and fosters the vital mother/child bond.
  • Many Mothers’ services are entirely free to families and we plan to keep it that way!
  • Home visiting programs are proven to improve children’s ability to form healthy relationships, succeed at school and earn higher paying jobs, and to increase life expectancy, while reducing juvenile delinquency and substance abuse.
  • Helping families from the very start is preventative and reducing the need for future intervention with its higher societal costs.
  • The degree of a mother’s post-partum depression is inversely related to the amount of support she receives.

A new baby thrives on love and attention. So does a new mother.
Need an extra Pair of helping hands? We’re here to help!

Our Philosophy of Service

Birth is a time of major transition and every family deserves the support of its community when a new baby arrives.Many Mothers exists because: Many Mothers Helps

New Mothers usually leave the hospital 24-48 hours after giving birth.

Extended families are often no longer available to offer consistent and needed support.

Bonding and attachment are essential for a baby’s development.

When you mother the mother, she is more available to mother her infant.

With all the joy and excitement that accompanies the birth of a baby, there can also be isolation, a sense of being overwhelmed, exhaustion, and, sometimes, postpartum depression.

Providing support for families with newborns is hardly a new idea. It has been a way of life the world over for millennia. However, in the last twenty-five years the support provided by extended families has changed as more and more women are working away from the home, and families in our mobile society often live far from each another.

Many Mothers, as a volunteer, free-of-charge, community-based service is the 21st century version of the extended family, and is available to any family with a newborn regardless of income level. Many Mothers believes the family knows best what kind of help they need and Many Mothers works to provide it.

New research on women and stress, such as the study by Laura Cousino Klein, Ph.D, demonstrates the effectiveness of woman-to-woman interaction. The natural stress reliever, oxytocin, is released when women are together. When acts of service are incorporated stress is further reduced providing the mother the opportunity for healthy bonding with the baby. The Many Mothers program of women-to-women care is designed to ensure that new mothers are afforded every opportunity to appropriately attach to their infants.

Many Mothers is not a franchise. It is a framework providing a practical reminder that women have always known how to support each other during major transitions.

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