Hands-On Help for Families with Infants

The families we support are a perfect representation of the diversity found in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Filled with hope and exhaustion as new members join their family, each caregiver is met by our volunteers with open arms and an open heart, ready to do for them whatever they need to feel more relaxed and more confident as they go about their days and weeks. The comfort and joy that each match brings is palpable and can be seen on everyone’s faces.

What Families are Saying

Many Mothers-Volunteer with Newborn Santa Fe NM

Forming a Special Bond

"[My volunteer] was incredible. My three year old formed a special bond with her and looked forward to her visits every week. Having someone come to my home who will accept where I am — with dirty dishes, tired eyes, and the like — and support me is invaluable. It gives me time to breathe, and in doing so, it helps facilitate a better relationship with my family and a better relationship with myself."

Many Mothers Support for New Parents Santa Fe NM

Support for New Families

"It’s easy as a first time mom to worry about it all. But my volunteer helped me to put things into perspective and reassured me I’m doing just fine."

Many Mothers Support for New Babies Santa Fe NM

A Difference in the Lives of Our Children

"Many Mothers has made an enormous difference in our lives with both of my children. I can’t recommend it enough and appreciate the services so wholeheartedly."


We’re Committed to Transparency

Many Mothers is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized for transparency with a Silver Seal on our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations. Now, community members and donors can find in-depth information about our Board of Directors, staff, finances, mission, strategies, programs, and so much more. It’s all a part of our efforts aimed at transparency leadership. To learn more, search Many Mothers on GuideStar.org or follow this link to our profile. Please note: To view organizational information on GuideStar, you must be logged into an account.

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Many Mothers Marketplace

Thank you for helping to strengthen our families! Many Mothers invites you to purchase items for our critical Flex Fund, which benefits struggling families. A full 50% of Americans face great difficulty paying an emergency expense of $400, leaving a quarter of families unable to pay it at all. Click READ MORE to view items.

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See the good work Many Mothers is doing in our community! Thank you for your support in helping us achieve these goals. 

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KSFR reports on the work Many Mothers is doing for families before, during and post-pandemic

When the pandemic forced schools and childcare centers to shut down, more than five million American mothers gave up their jobs. Currently, The New York Times reports that 1.3 million of these women are still out of work. As a result, the leaders of more than 200 small, medium and large companies have formed the Care Economy Business Council, which is urging sweeping reforms in the caregiving infrastructure so more mothers can return to work. Listen to the full report HERE

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