Our Support Can Empower & Revitalize the Entire Family

Every parent deserves the “luxury” of a shower, rest, exercise, time for self-care, an opportunity to bond with their infant, relaxation into breastfeeding, special time to spend with an older sibling, or time to catch up on work. When a Many Mothers volunteer offers assistance, mothers feel less stressed about managing the day-to-day needs of household management and have more time to spend with family.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Many Mothers Programs

Who is eligible for the free, in-home support Many Mothers offers?

All Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, and Los Alamos county families with a new baby 6 months or younger qualify for our support. If you are pregnant, have a newborn, or have recently adopted a baby, you qualify.


What other programs does Many Mothers offer?

We offer several other programs in addition to the Maternal Support Home Visiting Program. They are: Safe Sleep, Community Navigation, Baby Needs, Village Closet, and Farm-to-Families. Please note that some programming may have household income requirements.


When should I contact Many Mothers to schedule an interview?

It is best to contact us after the birth of your baby so our staff can recommend a volunteer who meets your needs, complements your personality, and can be available based on your schedule. Contacting Many Mothers to initiate support within the first six months after the birth of your baby will help ensure your family receives a volunteer. If you need more information or are interested in our other programming, please contact our Program Manager (marissa@manymothers.org).


How long is the support period?

All families with a single baby will be offered 3 months of support with a volunteer visiting for 2-3 hours each week. If you gave birth to twins, you will be offered 2-3 hours each week for up to 6 months. If you have triplets, three weekly visits of 2-3 hours each will be shared for up to 9 months. Expectant birth parents under doctors’ orders of bed rest can initiate the support prior to giving birth. We also support families that have adopted or have extended family raising children.


How can a volunteer support me?

Our fully vetted, background-checked, and trained volunteers welcome the opportunity to focus on your needs as a new parent. They will support you in a non-judgmental manner. They can support you physically and emotionally, and can guide you to appropriate educational, professional, or community resources.


How can this support possibly be free?

Thanks to the generosity of our passionate volunteers and dedicated donors, there is no charge for the support we offer.


Email info@manymothers.org or call our voicemail line and leave a message at 505-983-5984. We be in touch within a few days.