A Place for New Parents to Connect

The Family Center in Santa Fe focuses on providing fun and engagement for children aged 0–3 and their families.

The Family Center


The Family Center curates parent groups, programs, and classes.

Emergency support is available onsite in the form of clothing, diapers, and infant safe sleep supplies.

We offer resource connection and user-guided community spaces for camaraderie.  The Center also provides prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum support for mothers.

Baby hand

Open Hours

Perinatal Family Time: Mon–Thurs, 11am–2pm.

During these hours, mothers/caregivers can stop by the Center with their 0-3 age children in tow to talk with staff about our offerings (in-home post birth support, baby supplies, safe sleep materials, support groups, etc.).

Play Area Open: Mon-Thurs, 12pm-2pm.