Support a Family

"This match was enjoyable in SO many ways: I learned a lot about myself and my abilities with moms and babies; I observed and learned about a healthier way of life (this family was very health-conscious); and because the match lasted so long, I was able to watch first-hand as Baby grew and achieved new skills. It was also enjoyable because Mom is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and Baby is just an angel." ~Laura M., Many Mothers Volunteer

Volunteer with Many Mothers

How Our Volunteers Help Families

Many Mothers provides free, in-home support to Santa Fe families with new babies by:

  • assisting parents in transitioning to this new chapter of family life with a newborn;
  • encouraging family members in welcoming the newborn and adjusting to the new family structure;
  • supporting all parents through a non-judgmental presence, validating their new challenges;
  • helping out with light chores to reduce parental stress;
  • focusing on the parents’ needs so they may enjoy well deserved respite.


In addition to in-home support, please consider volunteering with Many Mothers to support families through Child Engagement at the Parenting Center, joining our Maternal Mental Health Initiative, or by becoming a member of our Board of Directors.

Child Engagement
When parents come to the Parenting Center for certain classes, we provide a safe and loving place for their babies and children to play. As a Child Engagement volunteer, you could spend time reading, drawing, playing, or holding a baby. As some of our services will be offered on a drop-in basis, a regular ~2-hour per week time commitment would be appreciated.

Maternal Mental Health Initiative – Wellness Advocate
Are you passionate about mental health? Are you interested in helping Many Mothers develop an innovative program that will result in greater access to behavioral health solutions for new mothers experiencing postpartum depressive disorders? Please consider joining our team of non-medical triage volunteers. As part of this team, you will receive in-depth training and the opportunity to shift maternal mental health for the better. Please contact for more information.

Board of Directors

Many Mothers Has Openings for Board Members!

Many Mothers is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting families with newborn infants for 30 years. Our mission is to provide in-home services and wraparound care to babies and their caregivers in Northern New Mexico. Our long-standing Maternal Support Program provides practical, hands-on support to all families with newborns through home visits by trained volunteers. Many Mothers also operates a Parenting Center for families with children from birth to three-years-old. In addition to classes, we provide food, clothing, safe sleep education and materials, and baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, and baby equipment.

Many Mothers seeks volunteer Board members to advance our mission, represent our organization in the community, and secure the financial resources and partnerships necessary for Many Mothers to grow and flexibly meet future needs. If you are interested in being part of an active board committed to families, please contact our Executive Director Kai Forsley at or 505-819-3429.

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How to Get Started

Due to the sensitive nature of the work our volunteers do with families, there are a few steps that need to be taken before a volunteer and family match can be made including:

  • meeting with a staff member to discuss your interest, our organization, and how we might best work together;
  • committing to supporting each assigned family for 2-3 hours per week for 12 weeks;
  • attending our 5-hour Volunteer Training and Orientation;
  • providing three character/work references;
  • allowing permission to participate in a national background check

Making a Match With A Family

Once you have completed all of the above, we will work to match you with your first family as quickly as possible, as there are always families who need our support.  Once matched, you will be asked to:

  • communicate regularly with staff about your experiences with the families you support as well as about your own needs and observations;
  • attend volunteer meetings as often as your schedule allows in order to maintain a connection with Many Mothers and our other volunteers;
  • attend at least two professional development trainings per year to better support families’ changing needs.

Providing Invaluable Support

“Having P’s help was invaluable. We met for the suggested guidelines… once a week for 2-4 hours. She did everything! She held the baby, played with my two year old daughter, helped with laundry or did the dishes. Whatever I needed she was eager and willing to support. We had a fantastic relationship and even got to know each other a bit. I set a goal of trying to complete my two year old’s baby album during the hours she spent with me. I allowed myself to focus on that goal while she was with me, and in the end I successfully completed it! Knowing someone was going to be there to help me every Wednesday afternoon was extraordinarily helpful. It was such a welcome support.”
~Sage, supported by Many Mothers volunteer

Making New Connections

"Supporting mothers with newborns is gratifying and the connections I build are invaluable."
~Lin M., Many Mothers Volunteer

Ready to learn more?

Please contact our Program Director, Anita Castillo at to explore your interests in helping new moms and parents.