No-Cost Maternal Support in Babies' First Six Months

We consider ourselves truly lucky to be able to support caregivers and families with home visits in our community!

How can this wonderful service be no-cost? Our flagship maternal support program is 100% volunteer-based and is open to caregivers and new dads, too. The inspiration behind this program is to offer Santa Fe families extra assistance in the fraught early months of having a new baby in the house. How can we help?

Our Programs

Our Mission

Many Mothers’ mission is to provide in-home services and wraparound care to achieve health equity and wellbeing for babies and their caregivers in Northern New Mexico.

Programs for All Families


Our long-standing Maternal Support Program* provides practical, hands-on support to all families in Santa Fe, Rio  Arriba  or Los Alamos counties with infants 0-6 months. By connecting families to trained volunteers, we are able to  ensure parents have guidance and an extra pair of hands when caring for new babies. Families will receive at least 36 hours of in-home support for a  12-week  period within the baby’s first six months. 


The Basic Needs Program provides items to families in Northern New Mexico with a baby 0-12 months old through the following services:

  • Baby Needs: With support through Baby Needs, families can receive diapers, wipes, baby food, formula and hygiene items.
  • Village Closet: The Village Closet  holds new and gently used items such as clothing and books for children ages 0-3 years old. Here, families  are able to receive items they need for their children free of charge. A selection of maternity clothing is also available at no cost. 
  • Farm-to-Families: Through Farm-to-Families, we provide food from local farms, food items out of our pantry or grocery gift cards to local families.


The purpose of this group is to connect, hold space for one another, and to strengthen the new caregiver network within Santa Fe. This group is for Many Mothers past and present participants of our Maternal Support Program with babies 0 -1 years old. If you are interested in enrolling and/or learning more, please email Marissa Visscher at

Programs for Eligible Families

As part of our commitment to provide wraparound, supportive care, the following programs are available to families who meet certain eligibility requirements: 


Our Safe Sleep Program promotes and educates families about current safe sleep practices. We provide research-based education that is proven to reduce the incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in our community. Education and print materials are free to any family with a baby 0-6 months old. 
*Safe sleep supplies are available for income-eligible families. 


The Navigation Program  connects any family with children 0-12 months old to community resources  in order to  support positive outcomes for families and their children. Navigation focuses on parenting education, mental health, housing/rental support, transportation, food, safety, utilities, and more.


Emergency support assistance is available as one-time support for any family with an infant 0-12 months old who is facing an emergency expense.
*This support is provided depending on funding and materials available.



“The kids and I adore our volunteer and are enjoying all she does. She has won the respect of my three year old, who looks forward to her visits and undivided attention. She jumps right in helping with my two and a half month old, and I have been very comfortable with everything she does to help our family. I honestly appreciate any and all support I get; it is quite a blessing to our family. The support provided by Many Mothers is amazing.”


Email or call our voicemail line and leave a message at 505-983-5964. We be in touch within a few days.