Many Mothers Aims To Support Perinatal Families

“Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. At times, parents need additional help. This is where Many Mothers helps fill a void. The Santa Fe-based organization pairs volunteers with moms who need a hand with their infants. “Each mother’s journey is unique and personal, which means that the issues one mother faces will be different than another mother,” said Kai Forsley, Many Mothers executive director. “The beauty of Many Mothers is that we have staff that can work with mothers, caregivers and families to individually assess the goal of each family during the perinatal stage.”

When the pandemic began to shut down the world, Many Mothers and its volunteers were determined to make sure moms had all the resources needed to navigate the uncertain times. Forsley said during the pandemic, the organization began responding to a lot of basic needs – such as food. “Families that were once stable began to feel the unpredictably of not having the things that were once readily available and Many Mothers started drive-through pickups that offered food boxes, diapers, clothing and other supplies,” she continued. Many Mothers offers a number of ways to offer assistance. Forsley said many issues that are affecting mothers of all demographic include isolation, stress, and postpartum mental wellness.”

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